Be Honest on Your Personal Loan Application

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Be Honest on Your Personal Loan Application

If you're filling out a personal loan application, you should know right away that you face an uphill battle if you don't have collateral to back up what you're borrowing. Unsecured personal loans require excellent credit, a good income, and funds in the bank. In other words, most of the people who can qualify for unsecured personal loans don't need them, and the people who need them aren't able to get them.

A personal loan application can also be used for a secured loan, too. For example, if you have a piece of land that you already own, and you buy a manufactured home to put on it, you don't have to finance that home as real estate. You can fill out a personal loan application because the home is technically personal property, not real estate. Since that doesn't fall into the category of unsecured personal loans, you have roughly as much chance of being approved as you would for a car loan or a real estate loan. Make sure you're honest on your personal loan application, and clear up credit problems before you apply. That will give you the best chance of being approved.



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