Choosing the Right Trael Rewards Program

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What kind of travel rewards program is best for me?

Choosing the Right Trael Rewards Program

One of the best things about travel rewards credit cards is that you can choose between cards that reward you with general travel benefits and cards that reward you by giving you travel rewards for specific hotel chains and airlines. The right program for you will depend on two things:

  1. The type of travel you normally do
  2. The kind of rewards travel you want to do
General travel reward programs provide:

  • The benefit of choosing to travel to many different locations
  • The reward of using one of many different airlines.
  • The ability to choose any hotel chain.
More specific travel reward programs allow:

  • The ability to ensure that you can reward your favorite brand with your business
  • Consistency in knowing you can always use that brand. This is especially helpful to travelers with any kind of special need
  • No surprising and disappointing provider choices
In general, you must book your trip in advance when you have either type of travel rewards credit card and your tickets will be non-refundable no matter which type of card you choose.



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