Auto Loans and Spending

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How will I know if I can actually afford an auto loan?

Auto Loans and Spending

One of the things you should be considering when you compare auto loan rates is whether or not you can actually afford an auto loan. Being able to afford an auto loan is not just about making sure that you have enough income each month to write a check out to your loan company--it's also about making sure that you're using your income in a responsible way.

For instance, if you already have high-interest debt that you're just making minimum payments on, then you might want to rethink the idea of an auto loan. Instead of creating more debt and another obligation, you should consider making more aggressive payments on the debt you have and paying it off more quickly.

Another consideration is savings. If you're not saving any money in an emergency or retirement fund or are saving a very small amount, the money you would spend on an auto loan could be better spent on increasing your savings.

Make sure you review your overall spending and the real truth of affordability before you begin to compare auto loan rates.



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