Building to Save

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Will home renovations lower my home insurance rates?

Building to Save

Sometimes, getting the best homeowners insurance rates is really all about the home that you're attempting to insure. Every year, as storms worsen and building supplies get more advanced, codes departments upgrade the minimal building codes for new and renovated homes. Because these homes are made safer against natural disasters and the claims risk is lower, the owners are treated to the best homeowners insurance rates.

You can transfer this knowledge into lower rates by making certain improvements in your home that may translate into lower risk for your insurance company. By upgrading your windows, roof, doors, and other areas of your home, you could save yourself insurance money and, if you take advantage of energy-efficient building materials, you could also take advantage of certain tax credits.

To find out which improvements will make the most impact on your homeowners insurance rates, be sure to call your existing insurer or those that you're considering.



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