Improving Your Credit Rating in Three Steps

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How can I get better balance transfer rates?

Improving Your Credit Rating in Three Steps

If you want to score the best balance transfer credit cards, you must have good credit. Otherwise, you won't be offered the most attractive rates. If you're in a hurry to compare balance transfer credit cards and want to ensure a low interest rate, here are three quick steps that may improve your credit rating:

  1. Pay your bills on time. The easiest way to keep a good credit rating is to pay your bills on time. If you've had late payments in the past, call your credit card companies and find out if they can clear the history of late payment once you're on track again.
  2. Monitor your credit report for mistakes. Sometimes, old accounts that are paid off stick around on our credit reports, showing an outdated status. Be sure to comb through your credit report and get any mistakes corrected.
  3. Pay off delinquent balances. If you have a credit card or other debt that has become delinquent, try to call the company and work out a deal. Sometimes, if you pay off the debt, they'll agree to clear up your credit history.



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