Student Savings Account Tip

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Student Savings Account Tip

As a student when you open a student savings account the first thing you want do is to make sure to open an account that offers the best savings interest rates. Next is to make sure you choose a bank that requires no minimum balance, no monthly fee and no direct deposit. It is hard enough for a college student to afford college; you do not want to add a bunch of bank fees to it.

Lastly is how to get money into that student savings account. One simple way is save all your pennies. Have a piggy bank, jar or a can sitting in your room and put all of your pennies and any other extra change into it.

Once a month take your change to the bank and deposit it into your student savings account. If you chose one with the best savings interest rates then before long you will start seeing your student savings account amount grow and you will be happy you saved all that change when it is easier to pay for the extras you need in college.



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