Evaluating Bank Services

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What should I look for in a new bank?

Evaluating Bank Services

A banking relationship is about more than just the interest rates of the savings accounts and mortgages--it's also about you getting the services you want. When you compare bank rates, don't forget to compare customer service methods and online banking availability as well, depending on your priorities. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Can you transfer between accounts online? Is there a fee to do so?
  2. Does the bank have an automated system for answering calls? Is that something you are comfortable with or would you prefer a live operator system?
  3. Is there a bank branch near your home or office?
  4. Are there ATMs available where you shop and work, or will you have to pay a fee for every transaction?
  5. Is your bank open during hours that you find accessible or are the hours too restrictive to work within your schedule?
  6. Do you need national and international wires to and from your account? Can your bank accommodate that?
  7. Will the bank allow free transfers between accounts?



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