The Power of Small Banks

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Are small banks worth looking at for good rates?

The Power of Small Banks

There are many places you can look to find the most competitive bank rates for your interest-bearing accounts, mortgages, credit cards, and loans. One of the best places to look is at your small, regional bank branch. Small banks must present competitive bank rates in order to compete with the larger, national bank chains, which means that you can take advantage of great deals.

Online Comparisons and Small Banks
Online programs that give comparisons of bank rates often include these smaller banks in their comparison grid. That allows you to get hard numbers from both large and small banks to help choose a bank with the most favorable rates for you.

Small Banks and In-Person Negotiation
If you already have an account with a small local bank, you might meet with a bank representative to find out if you can get special rates for your loans. Because small banks have more leeway in terms of setting rates for their customers, it's definitely worth it to try and negotiate a better rate.



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