Understanding Bank Rates

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What are bank rates?

Understanding Bank Rates

When you're searching for the right bank to trust your money with, you need to become familiar with bank rates. Bank rates are more than just potential savings account rates though; bank rates can determine many things during your relationship with your bank, including:

  • Mortgage rates
  • Credit card rates
  • CD rates
  • Interest checking rates
  • Refinance rates
  • Equity line rates
  • Equity loan rates
  • Auto loan rates
  • Student loan rates
  • and more.
Throughout the life of your relationship with your bank, you will likely open some of the above-mentioned accounts. When you choose a bank that generally has low rates in all of these areas then you know that as long as that bank keeps up with current federal interest rates, you will probably enjoy reasonable interest charges no matter what type of debt accounts you open. So never underestimate the power of a bank rate comparison before you decide on a bank, open your account and deposit your money.



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