The Importance of Comparing Auto Loan Rates

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Why not just get a loan through the dealer I buy a car from?

The Importance of Comparing Auto Loan Rates

Many consumers go shopping for a new automobile without ever stopping to compare auto loans. They simply find the vehicle they want to own and then allow the financing to be handled by the dealership selling the car. Unfortunately, when you don't compare auto loans, you run the risk of getting a loan with a high interest rate when you could have done much better.

Instead of letting your dealer secure your financing, why not compare auto loan rates and then secure a loan before you even buy your new car? That way, you have the benefit of securing a great loan at an affordable rate without the pressure of needing to make a quick decision. You can go through your current bank or credit union or compare rates online and choose the financial institution that has the best rate--even if you have no other financial relationship with them.

So don't put the fate of your financial future in the hands of your auto dealer. Instead, take it into your own hands and secure your financing before you buy.



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