Customer Service

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What else should I look for in a car insurance company?

Customer Service

One of the many things you should consider when evaluating car insurance companies is the ease of use of the companies in question. Think about how you like to do business.

Customer Service
If you like to view your policy, make payments, and get your questions answered online, choose a company that has invested a lot of time and planning into their online system. If you prefer phone service, choose a company that has an operator and phone system that you like and one that doesn't make you spend a lot of time in an automated system.

Payment Options
Make sure the auto insurance companies you consider offer the payment options you want. If you want to pay via an automatic debit from your bank account, make sure the company offers ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments. If you prefer to send a check in quarterly, make sure the company allows that.

Remember, your needs are important. Know what you want and make sure your auto insurance company can deliver it.



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