Loyalty and Car Insurance

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If I stay with the same insurer for a long time, will they give me discounts?

Loyalty and Car Insurance

Many people stay with one car insurance company for the entire course of their lives. Their relationship with this single insurer begins when they get car insurance under their parent's plan as teens. Then, eventually, once they graduate college and begin having families of their own, they branch out to their own policy with the same company. Many assume that they'll be rewarded for their loyalty by getting less expensive premiums.

While some car insurance companies may have long-term client discounts, many don't. And even those that do might not offer cheaper car insurance rates than a brand new company would. So when you compare auto insurance rates, get ready for the possibility that you might be better off if you change car insurance companies.

When you do change car insurance companies, your new company will handle the transfer. They will contact your existing company if necessary and will ensure that you don't have a gap in coverage by issuing the new policy just as your old policy terminates. This will make your life easier and less expensive.



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