Getting the Lowest Life Insurance Rates

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What can I do to get low life insurance rates?

Getting the Lowest Life Insurance Rates

When you get your initial life insurance quote, you'll find that the rates you're quoted are standard for just about everyone who shares your age, gender, and smoking status. But when you actually complete your application and get your individual, guaranteed life insurance rates, you'll find that the actual health and lifestyle details that you provide drive the quote. If you want to get the lowest life insurance rates, consider making the following changes:

  1. Lose weight. Losing just a few pounds could be enough to put you into an entirely new (and cheaper) rate class.
  2. Lower your cholesterol. High cholesterol shows a propensity toward heart disease and heart attack. Lower life insurance premiums are one of the many reasons to try to lower the number.
  3. Give up your dangerous hobbies. If you're a big fan of cave diving, jumping out of airplanes, or any other death-defying pastime, you're going to be subject to higher-than-usual rates. If you're truly ready to permanently hang up your diving gear or parachute, you could save yourself some money.



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