Using Riders to Increase Value

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Are there any ways to increase the value of my policy?

Using Riders to Increase Value

When you compare life insurance quotes, you're attempting to lock in the lowest rate for your policy. One of the ways you can get the best value for your money is by adding riders to your insurance policy.

What Are Riders?
Riders are additional benefits that are added onto life insurance policy contracts. These riders can add benefits such as a death benefit for a spouse or children, accelerated death benefit payments in the event that you're diagnosed with a terminal illness, and premium waivers to offer protection against a time when you can no longer pay your premiums. The riders are usually inexpensive to add and really pump up the value of a life insurance policy.

When you compare life insurance quotes, be sure to consider the added value that riders can create and try to find out what cost they might add before you buy a policy. That way, you make sure you get the most benefit for your money and that your family is given the most solid protection possible.



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