Getting Ready for Claims

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Do I need to prepare for claims?

Getting Ready for Claims

After you compare insurance rates and decide which policy is best to protect you and your family's biggest investment, it's time to get ready for claims.

It may seem depressing to actually get ready for homeowners insurance claims, but doing so can make your life that much easier should a claim actually come to pass.

Readying Yourself for Claims

  1. Buy a fire-proof storage box or safe for your policy and other important documents. This will protect your policy so that you can easily access it in the event of a claim and call your company.
  2. Take pictures of your rooms. The only way you can prove the value and extent of your personal possessions is to have pictures of them. Take pictures of all of the rooms in your home and keep them in your fire-proof box.
  3. Install an alarm and fire extinguishers. Insurance companies like for you to take as many steps as you can to ensure that you're protected against incident. In fact, they can sometimes deny claims if they can prove your negligence caused them.



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