Understanding Home Insurance Coverage

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What do all the different coverages mean?

Understanding Home Insurance Coverage

It's important to understand all the different components of a homeowners insurance policy before you begin to compare home insurance quotes. Without understanding the actual mechanics of the policy, you cannot hope to choose the policy that offers the best value for premium.

  • Dwelling: The part of your policy that covers your dwelling covers your home and anything that's attached to it, like an attached garage. It also covers any of the built-in construction of your home like your wiring or plumbing.
  • Other structures: Anything on your land that's not attached to your home, like your shed, fence, or detached garage, is covered under other structures.
  • Personal property: Personal property coverage covers your personal contents within your home. If you have extremely valuable items like jewelry or art, the value of the items might exceed the limits of your personal property coverage, so you may need additional coverage.
  • Personal liability: If someone gets hurt on your property, you may be liable to pay for their medical costs as well as pain and suffering. This is covered under the personal liability section of your policy.



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